You have sales letters, pitches, brochures and press ads to write. You know exactly what you need to say but you've already spent several days chewing the end of your pen and stillthe right 'words' escape you. You know that time is money, and right now you're wasting both.

You're an established business with an existing customer base but newer companies are nipping at your heels and there's the chance you might get left behind in the race. Your business cards look like they were created in the decade that design forgot, and by your own admission, you're about as
web-savvy as your Great-Aunt Ethel.

Your business is struggling and the state of the economy is making times even tighter than usual. The last thing you want to do is spend more money, but if you don't do something quick to boost your sales, you know it'll soon be time to call it a day.

You've decided to set up a new business, but you have absolutely no idea how to create a corporate identity or an online prescence, let alone an inkling how to let potential customers know you exist.

You've found the perfect product to sell and have already gone to town designing a great website to promote it. It sings,
it dances, it has a cool Flash intro guaranteed to draw in a big crowd. Yet, despite all of this, you're still receiving less visitors that the local church hall.

You've heard about blogs, read that people Tweet and seen
the film The Social Network. You understand that online marketing is the next 'big thing' (and a far cheaper alternative to print) but you wouldn't know where to start or
what you need to do.