No matter where you go throughout your busy day 'words' are all around you.
They jump out from every headline you read and billboard you pass. They call
out from every magazine you pick up and flyer you throw down. They tempt you
with every product you buy and website you surf.

And all of these 'words', no matter how pointless or random they might seem,
have an important purpose to perform: to introduce, promote and publicise a
product, person or business, and provide the information that best serves to
inform, explain, entice and persuade you to a particular way of thinking.

Where do I come in? Simple. I'm a copywriter. I write those 'words'.

I produce hard-hitting, soft-selling, search engine-worthy content for print, press,
sales, magazines, websites and blogs. And everything in-between. Over the
years I've written on a wide variety of topics, from mining, construction, shipping,
and accountancy, to Fine Art, scented candles, wedding photography and
adventure treehouse worlds.

So if you are struggling to find the right 'words' then just drop me a line.

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